This website is intended for people affected by the Worldwide Church of God, Living Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God; or any other splinter group. However, these essays may be helpful to anyone who was once involved in a Bible-based cult.

Friday, 18 April 2008

'The Church' VS. 'The Hippies'

The following excerpt is taken from a book titled 'Hippies - Hypocrisy and Happiness' (published in 1968 by the Ambassador College). I've included it here, because Worldwide Church of God used the word 'cult' to describe the youth of the 60's who objected to the Vietnam War.

This is not the only case I've found where the Worldwide Church of God points its finger firmly at others declaring 'they are a cult.' (See my essay on Carn Catherwood's sermon, discussing Jim Jones' cult)

Why did the Worldwide Church of God throw around the word 'cult' so much?

Personally, I believe that 'the church' was trying to define the word 'cult' for its members. They did not want members to know that a bible-based cult is defined as 'an apocalypse-fearing church (who's leader talks with God)'. 'The church' wanted us to believe that 'cults' were satanic. I know my parents don't seem to believe there is such thing as a 'bible-based cult;' they don't think a 'church' could be a 'cult.' They believe all cults involve the occult (such as paganism or Wicca), which they consider satanic.

I think their opinion is pretty universal to ex-members of the Worldwide Church of God who have not accepted that it was a bible-based cult*.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Mormon Splinter Group Investigated

Perhaps you have seen the footage recently on the news of 400+ women and young girls dressed in 19th century clothes being evacuated from a 'religious compound' in Texas. Apparently a teenager in the cult informed the authorities that underage girls were being molested and forced into marriage, prompting the US government to get involved. The cult in question (Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day) is a polygamous splinter of Mormonism, which broke off 100 years ago. The cult leader, Warren Jeffs, was previously charged with rape and forcing a 14 year old girl to marry him, so I feel that the allegations about this cult are probably founded.

I think it is also important to note that this 'church' is listed as a hate group, for its teachings against interracial marriage. Does this mean that the Worldwide Church of God and its splinters are/were listed as hate groups for teaching the same belief?

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Armstrong's Apocalypse Illustrated

In an effort to really strike the fear of God into people's hearts, H. W. Armstrong commissioned Mad Magazine artist Basil Wolverton to make a series of illustrations. It was to be depictions of the Apocalypse, with inspiration taken from Armstrong's prophecies and the book of Revelations.

Looking at these images, I'm sure I have seen them before. Perhaps not in colour, but they are so very familiar. I remember these graphics in a book my Father carr
ied in his briefcase. I used to look at the pictures before services. (We always seemed to be there a half hour or more early to 'fellowship' with other people in 'God's one true church.')

These illustrations are a chilling look into the 'world tomorrow' I was taught about as a child. Once again, I can trace my constant nightmares about a zombie apocalypse to 'the church.' I've been having dreams about the end of the world since my parents left 'the church.'

I've included a whole series of illustrations here; click on the image for an enlargement.